Join us on a fabulous Global Grant to aid the Aeta children of the Philippines...
The Aeta Children’s Home (ACH) is a child care institution that caters to the physiological, sociological, educational, and spiritual needs of the indigent but precious Aeta children coming from the different Aeta villages in and around Mt. Pinatubo area in Zambales, Philippines. It provides a home of love, understanding, and guidance to these poor, underprivileged, and malnourished children and provides them with opportunities to hone their potentials and be the best that they can be.
The purpose of this Global Grant is to modernize the school's cooking facilities and create a vocational program. This project will educate and equip young people in the community with vocational skills in a commercial bakery environment and provide a sustainable storefront cafe.
We are looking for clubs who have an interest in developing opportunities for marginalized people of color, please contact Georgia Vreeken for additional details 805.440.7889
Rotarian Julie Harris at the Aeta Children's Home.