Rotary teamwork delivers the joy of hearing
This has been one of the most rewarding projects our club has embarked on!
A humble school in Celaya, Mexico struggles to offer education to children with heartbreaking challenges. All of the kids have developmental setbacks and some have the added burden of being deaf.  Club members Georgia Vreeken and Will van Kranenburg had the opportunity to visit the school and begin the process of equipping the school with bone conducting hearing capabilities.
The hearing aids began their journey in Minnesota, thru Tennessee, then to Santa Maria, CA.  All overnight as there was a member of the Rotary Club of Morella available to take the units back to Mexico with him.
Above: Will vK (RC/Templeton), Edgar Hernandez (RC/Morella) and Georgia Vreeken (RC/Templeton)
Once in Mexico, Edgar got the units to the Rotary Club of Celaya, Templeton Rotary's sister club. Great club with fabulous members!  The hearing aid got to the school and was put to the test.
Above: Anita Mujita (RC/Celaya President 2017-18) with Edgar
The result of all our efforts?  The joy of hearing was given to a sweet child.
Above: Teacher adjusts volume on hearing aid.
There are 20 more kids that need hearing aids.  We need your financial support to make this happen.
Above: Kids from the school pose for a picture
We are $500 short of making this project a reality.  Partner with us, in any amount and make a difference in these precious lives.
Contact project team leader Georgia Vreeken for more details at 805.440.7889.
Thank you for your support!