The Rotary Club of Templeton. Who are we? What are we?

We are North County men and women who gather with a common goal: to propel humanity in a positive direction.  Locally and beyond we are all a global community.  When one struggles, we all struggle.  When one triumphs, we all win!
Our first step is to help at home.  Rotarians come from diverse personal, vocational and professional backgrounds. We strive to support each other by channeling the strengths of our member's individual interests, skills, professions and businesses.
On the surface we live in a very affluent community.  Beautiful fields of vineyards with a peace and tranquility unsurpassed.  But, below the surface are community issues that need attention. Government cannot always be the answer.  Neither can faith-based charities.  Rotary is unique in that we are neither!  We strive for new and fresh solutions through the diversity of our members.
We also understand that community does not end at the County line.  Community continues to where ever there is someone in need.  Especially those who struggle due to lack of opportunities, not just lack of ambition.  We guide those who want to help themselves.  We assist those who are willing to make the long-term commitment to self-assurance.  We empower the weak to be strong and self reliant!
If you want to grow personally/professionally, if you want to serve, if you want to make a significant impact at home and around the world, the Rotary Club of Templeton is the group for you!