Medical Supplies for Celaya, Mexico

The Rotary Club of Celaya has a dispensary of medical supplies for the impoverished in their area.  They supply wheel chairs, hospital beds, walkers, prostheses, braces and most every kind of reusable medical supplies at little or no cost to the patient or family.
The Rotary Club of Templeton is collecting usable medical supplies for this very worthwhile Rotary project.  Most of us have a brace or crutch we can part with.  If you don't, next time you're at the pharmacy, consider purchasing a wrist brace (for example) and send it on over to us.  It's a simple and inexpensive way to make a difference in someone's life!
Our project needs partners:
Storage Space - We currently rent a storage space at $110/month.  If you could assist with sponsoring a month or two... or twelve, thank you!  If you have a barn or available storage area, that would work also.
Moving Van - As soon as we have sufficient supplies, we will need a moving van (12 ft or larger) to transport the supplies to San Diego, CA.  In San Diego, the supplies will be transferred to a transport truck for the rest of the journey into Mexico.  If you can help us with the use of a truck, please let us know.  Be assured, the truck will be driven by responsible licensed/insured drivers and it will not leave CA.
Gas Expense - Many of us have the desire to help, but we just don't have the time.  We will need gas money for the truck.  We welcome pre-paid VISA cards in any amount to purchase gas along the way.
We invite additional Rotary clubs to partner with RC/Templeton to assist as they are able. Come aboard!